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Indulge in these spinach and Swedish Västerbotten cheese waffles with asparagus & quail eggs. Our waffles are made from scratch with a combination of wheat and chestnut flours and packed with nutritious spinach and flavourful Västerbotten cheese, delivering a deep and delicious combination of flavours.


Topped with fresh  asparagus, crisp radish, and delicate quail eggs, this dish is a true delight for the senses. To complete the dish, we add a dollop of homemade hollandaise, and a drizzle of dill oil, adding a burst of freshness to every bite. A portion is two waffles with toppings.


For those who prefer seafood, we also offer a version with succulent prawns, adding an extra dimension of indulgence to this delightful dish.


This dish will be delivered on Saturday 27th July 


Heating instructions


The waffles will arrive cooked but still slightly gooey in the centre to make sure they don't dry out when reheated. The toppings will arrive in containers separate to the waffles.


Heat the waffles in their container for 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees celcius. Open the container and add the asparagus, quail eggs and radish and heat for a further 5 minutes. The hollandaise can then be poured on top of the waffles when serving. If you wish to warm the hollandaise you can heat it in a microwave for a maximum of 10 seconds, any more you'll have scrambled eggs!


If you have ordered the prawns, scatter them on top last and drizzle the dill oil.

27th July- spinach and Västerbotten waffles with asparagus & quails eggs

  • Wheat flour, chestnut flour, butter, Västerbotten cheese, spinach, radish, asparagus, lemon, egg, dill, rapeseed oil

    prawns (optional)

    Contains: wheat gluten, milk, nuts (chestnut), egg, shellfish (optional)

  • Via our home to home delivery service. All deliveries are on Saturday between 14.00-18.30. Please note a specific time cannot be guaranteed.

    All food will be delivered chilled and will need to be reheated according to the instructions on this website beneath the product description.

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