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We originally made the elderflower cordial to flavour the cream in our lemon and elderflower buns. Realising that it is a delicious taste of summer, we started to use it as a refreshing drink diluted with water and (for a weekend treat) with sparkling wine.


The cordial is made by steeping the elderflowers in a sugar syrup with lemon and lime slices. A pinch of citric acid is added and that's it. After 36 hours the concoction is strained through muslin and bottled. Each bottle of cordial will keep for two months, if refrigerated.


The cordial is availble in two sizes; 250ml and 500ml.



6th July- elderflower cordial

  • water, sugar, elderflowers, lemon, lime, citric acid

  • Via our home to home delivery service. All deliveries are on Saturday between 14.00-18.30. Please note a specific time cannot be guaranteed.

    All food will be delivered chilled and will need to be reheated according to the instructions on this website beneath the product description.

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